Thursday, October 16, 2014

Baby Style!

      When I found out that Charlotte was a girl, I could not wait to dress her. I am a girly-girl and knew that my child's wardrobe would involve lots of pink, lots of frills, and many bows. Whether she will hate me for it later.....that's another story.
      A lot of people have been asking me where I buy Charlotte's clothes, so I wanted to share my favorite places to shop for her and my favorite brands.

1.) Headbands/Bows: I buy ALMOST all of Charlotte's headbands on Etsy......I went to the site and googled "baby headbands," and then proceeded to spend hours going through the thousands upon thousands of headbands from different shops on the site. There are so many unique choices and colors available, but the best part, is that if you have a particular design or idea in mind, or if you have a picture of a specific outfit and you want a headband/bow to match, many of the shop owners will work with you to create and then make your vision.


2.) Layette: I got my layette at a store called Lester's. They have a few locations (Long Island, Brooklyn, and NYC), and have the biggest selection of onesies, stretchies, baby towels, burp cloths, baby sweaters, baby blankets, and anything and everything that goes into a layette that I have seen. I picked mine out with my mom and grandma, and we went into a few other stores before agreeing that this was definitely the place. Additionally, the people who helped us there were so sweet and really took the time to help us pick out everything we needed (and explain why we needed half of the things that were completely foreign to us lol).

3.) Brands: I already have a few favorite brands that I love to dress Charlotte in. They include: Miniclasix (my #1), Kate Mack, Baby Biscotti, and even Baby Gap. I also love the onesies/stretchies from Little Me, Absorba, and Heartstrings. Make sure to use a promo code when you are ordering stuff from Baby Gap (you can get up to 40% off)!


4.) Car Seat Cover: I was a little late on this one, and Charlotte went without a carseat cover for the first three months of her life. I didn't know where to get one, I didn't even know they existed. When one of my friends said that she was surprised that Charlotte did not have a girly car seat cover, I first googled to see what they were, and then proceeded to buy one on Etsy immediately! Again, they have so many varieties. 

All I can say, is that this child has more clothing and personalized items (chairs, shirts, stools, etc.) than she will ever need. Which clearly means we need to have a another daughter and name her Charlotte too!

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