Sunday, September 28, 2014


      Sorry for the long delay between posts, but this has been a VERY overwhelming and busy summer. Adjusting to anesthesia was a lot harder than I thought it would be. I had just figured out how to be a functioning surgery intern, and before I could blink I was in another situation where I was uncomfortable and brand new. Anesthesia is so completely different than surgery, that I basically felt like I was starting over as a clueless intern again. I think that all of the people who had to do a preliminary year in another specialty (shout-out to my dermatology, radiology, neurology, ophthalmology, radiation oncology, and PM & R, friends) can relate. Anyway, more about anesthesia later.
      On another note, little miss Charlotte Elizabeth is nine months old. I really cannot believe it. She is babbling, and crawling, and has a real personality. I seriously do not even know where the time went. I am so excited for her to talk soon and hear what she has to say. Although, I do not think that "Mama," will be her first word, because sometimes she babbles the word "Dada." We haven't counted it as her first word yet, because she is not saying it to acknowledge Matt, it is just part of her baby talk. She has three tiny teeth, and is eating some table food. She tried her first matzo ball on Rosh Hashanah (she was obviously a fan). She is taking 3 classes as well-a music class, Mom's and Tots (my mother fills in for me- I don't know what I would do without her), and another class at a great place called Kidville (they have many locations). My mom was not a big fan of the little gym classes she tried a few times, because Charlotte is only crawling and cannot do a lot of the activities. By the way- my friend from college texted me yesterday morning while I was at work, and informed me that Chelsea Clinton also named her baby girl Charlotte. I guess she copied me lol. I actually do know her, because we were in the same MPH program at Columbia, and took a bunch of classes together. She is a great girl (even though I have not stayed in touch), and I wish her a big congratulations! Love the name.
      Another reason this summer has been so difficult, is that my beloved grandmother, Grandma D passed away. She was 91, but still very sharp and high- functioning. She was in the hospital with a GI infection that we didn't know the source of, but we thought she was getting better. I really did not expect her to die, and am really heartbroken. Even though she lived in Florida, I adored my Grandma D. She was generous, sweet, warm, and loving. She was the epitome of a jewish grandmother, minus the guilt. She never made me feel bad about not visiting her more than I did (maybe because 4/7 of her grandchildren are doctors and she understood our schedules). She always said "I am here, you will come and spend time whenever you can." When Charlotte was born I really wanted to fly down to Florida to see her, so she could meet my baby, but the pediatrician did not want her to fly when she was so young, and I went back to work very quickly. Thankfully, she was finally able to meet Charlotte (one of her 9 great grandchildren) when she was old enough fly. I also flew down to Florida for 24 hours to see her the weekend before she passed away (not knowing that she was going to). I am so grateful that I was able to do that, and I hope that Charlotte inherits as many of her attributes as possible.
    SO that was my busy summer......I was never able to go to the beach, or do all of those summery things I thought I would do with all of my (imagined) free time after intern year. Clearly, I was delusional about that. I still leave at the crack of dawn before the sun comes up, and work 13-24 hours a day. I also do 24 hour calls this year, which I did not have last year (interns are technically only allowed to work 16 hours straight). Luckily, I had no call for the first few months, so I had the weekends off, since the weekends are always overnight calls. Having that time off was a novelty after working every single weekend last year.  Unfortunately, I had a huge test on anesthesia to study for, which took up most of my weekend time. Oh well.  I think it is time to accept the fact that my fantasy of free time will not really come true for another few years until I am done with residency.

Grandma D and Charlotte