Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Lookbook Store

      I am very excited to let everyone in on a little secret. The secret is called The LookBook Store. A few months ago my mom and I headed to a boutique on Long Island, and found all of these cute, affordable clothes! We were so excited, until I came across the same clothing from the The LookBook Store (after reading about it on Andee Layne's blog The Honeybee) for about half the price. So, I thought I would continue to spread the word, and enlighten everybody about the best kept secret in affordable (good quality) fashion: The LookBook Store. I promise after shopping there, you will thank me.

Here is a little dress from The LookBook Store that I wore to a BBQ at my parent's house over the weekend:

It is always fun NOT to wear scrubs on my day off!

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