Monday, July 14, 2014

Fourth of July in Newport!

      We had the best fourth of July weekend in Newport, RI. Matt and I have been there three times now (he took me there as a surprise for our one year anniversary), and we love it. It is not only historic, but it is beautiful. My parents had a wedding there on Saturday night (which was apparently one of the nicest weddings ever) at Rosecliff Mansion, and we decided to tag along for the ride.
     We stayed at the Hotel Viking, which is a beautiful, historic hotel, on one of the main roads, and the perfect walking distance to the restaurants and shops on the water. In the past, we have stayed at a very cute bed and breakfast, which I highly recommend, called The Black Duck Inn. Unfortunately, they will not allow you to stay there with children younger than 8 years old, which is why we stayed elsewhere this time.

     We arrived on Saturday morning and walked around the town with my parents. Then, we had lunch at a restaurant on the water called The Mooring. My parents and Matt all had the lobster roll croissant, and I had the fish tacos, which I loved. They were even nice enough to puree some carrots for Charlotte's lunch when we realized that we accidentally brought extra apples instead of her lunchtime vegetable.

     After lunch we walked around the town, stopping in different antique shops and art stores. We also found Kilwins, the best chocolate/candy/ice cream shop ever. They had so much to choose from, I was really torn between ice cream and a chocolate covered twinkie. In the end, I ended up with a delicious vanilla ice cream soda. Then, we took Charlotte into the pool at the hotel. The jury is out about how she felt about it, she didn't love or hate it. I think she may have just been hungry for bottle, because we were approaching the 3 hour mark, and I was hesitant to give it to her before she went in the water. Charlotte was sleepy after that, and my parents headed to the wedding, so we cancelled our dinner reservation in town and just ate at the hotel, which was actually really good. I had lobster with vegetables over spaghetti squash and Matt had ahi tuna. 

     The next morning we went to brunch at 41 North and ate on the deck. The outside area and views of the water are so incredible, I highly highly recommend it. The food was pretty good too. My parents went to the wedding brunch at the Castle Hill Inn, and they said it was amazing (both the hotel and the food) and that we HAVE to go there the next time we come to Newport. We skipped touring the mansions this time, which is a MUST if you have not done it in the past. They are so impressive, and I love hearing the history (especially the Breakers!). 

      I hope all of you had a very special fourth of July. Mine was a celebration that I was not reliving one of the worst nights of my life when I was covering trauma nights in the Bronx as an intern last year. There were so many stabbings and gunshot wounds I did not know what to do with myself all night. Literally- I had to go to every trauma while also being paged off the hook by the nurses about the patients on the floor, and actually ending up scrubbing into a surgery in the OR. This year, I was not on trauma nights (poor intern who was, my heart goes out to you), and I had the best time.

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