Monday, July 7, 2014

Benefit "They're Real" Pushup Gel Liner Review

      I was extremely excited and anxious to try this eyeliner after I read about it in a magazine a few months ago. I love gel eyeliner but it is really hard for me to put on, and it takes a long time for me to do with the brush. Way too long for me to do before work (btw on anesthesia I wear makeup to work and try to look like a human being-it has been 1 week so we will see how long it lasts). I always end up grabbing the liquid liner which is so much quicker. So......when I read about this waterproof, lash-hugging, gel liner, the very first liner to come in a pen formation, I had to buy it the first day it was available.
      Unfortunately, I am pretty disappointed. I really thought that this was going to be my go-to eyeliner in the morning. I wanted so badly to love it. To start, I had to twist and twist to get the gel out of the top, but then it came flooding, and I had to wipe off most of it with a paper towel. The first time I applied it, it did not go on smoothly as promised, but it made a ridged line. I kept having to add more and more which resulted in a thick black line across my eyelid (and looked terrible, especially since this promised to hug my lashes). As I was adding more and more, the gel then got flaky and began to crumble into my eye. This also happened the next day when I tried it again. Not good. Maybe I need more practice and this is a user error, but at this point I am very very sad and disappointed. A good concept, but not a win for Benefit Cosmetics.


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