Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Charlotte is a TV Star!!!

       My little girl is already a star. She was chosen to be on fox news to help demonstrate baby equipment. I randomly sent her pictures into a casting call, knowing that I was not off from work and could not take her on the day of the segment. I thought she had a very small chance of being chosen (not due to any lack of cuteness), primarily because  I was sure that there were hundreds of applicants. I was extremely (and pleasantly) surprised when I received the news that she was chosen!
      At first I thought that we would have to turn the opportunity down, or I would have to have my mother take her by herself, because Matt had to work and so did I. However, the other resident on my service was nice enough to let me take his overnight shift on Sunday, so I could leave after rounds to take her to be on the segment on Monday morning.
      The experience was so much fun! Charlotte was the youngest baby there, and she was chosen to sit in the Rock a Roo, a special baby chair. She has the Mamaroo, another similar chair by the same company, so she was used to sitting in that type of chair. I was a little bit nervous that she would cry, which she only does when she is tired or hungry (sorry, she really is an angel, likely because my mom takes such amazing care of her). When you put her to sleep or feed her, she stops right away, but I was unsure how to coordinate the timing with her naps/bottles without throwing her completely off schedule. I tried to feed her a bottle right before we went into the green room, but she kept refusing.
     When we arrived in the green room and I was setting her up in the chair, Elizabeth Hasselback came over and introduced herself and shook my hand. I didn't even realize who she was until after the fact because a) I never have time to watch the news in the am so I did not know she was on fox and not the View anymore, and b) I was so busy paying attention to Charlotte in the chair. She was super friendly and nice during our limited interaction. She is so so beautiful in person!
      Thankfully, Charlotte did great and did not cry at all. Only one of the babies did, so they had to pull his mother on the set with him during the segment. He refused to sit in the high chair he was supposed to be demonstrating. Charlotte was very busy and interested in looking at the other babies, which I think means she needs a little socializing with other children her own age. I can't wait to sign her up for some classes (music, little gym, etc) as soon as July hits and I have more time. All in all, it was such a fun experience (my mom came too), and we will forever be able to tell Charlotte that she was a little tv star at 5 months old.

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