Monday, January 6, 2014

Welcome Baby Charlotte

      Sorry for the LONG period between posts, but I have had a VERY busy month. I know I never mentioned this on the blog before, but I had a baby girl, Charlotte Elizabeth on 12/14/13. I never mentioned it on the blog, or internet in general for that matter ( ie facebook), because I have seen (and studied) way too many bad outcomes in pregnancies and during childbirth, and was kind of superstitious about it. However, now that she is here and healthy and perfect, I will definitely be talking about her a LOT. I will also definitely go back and talk about what it was like to be pregnant during my intern year- in SURGERY. As you all know, surgery is probably the LEAST family-friendly residency that exists. I want to talk about it primarily because when I found out that I was pregnant and about to do a surgical intern year, I tried to do a google search to find advice from people who have been in similar situations, or to simply just read about their experiences. Unfortunately, very few hits came up when I did the search. Meaning, a) most people do not get pregnant during their surgical intern year/intern year in general, and/or b) people have not written about their experiences (if they have been pregnant) very often. Anyway, I just wanted to give everyone a SHORT update, but I do not have time to do more than that right now, because I have a) newborn, and b) was back at work 7 days after giving birth, which is another topic I will discuss on this blog in the future too. I hope everyone had a happy holiday!!!!

Here is a picture of my angel (she is an absolute doll):

Charlotte Elizabeth, 12/14/13, 6 lbs, 20 inches.

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