Monday, November 18, 2013

New Hair Favorites!

    Intern year certainly has not been good for my looks! I have so little energy that I try to get by doing the LEAST amount possible to look as decent as I can. When I say "decent,"I mean that I am trying desperately to look more like a minor collision and less like the massive train wreck I have felt like these past few months.
      Anyway, I have, thankfully, found a few new beauty products that have helped me out a bit, and since I, too, am always looking for the best products that will help me be as LAZY as possible with my routine, I thought that I would share them with you. First, for the past few years I have been getting keratin treatments on my hair. What can be confusing to many ABOUT these treatments, however, is that they offer different types of keratin treatments for different types of hair. For example, you can get the Brazilian Keratin Treatment, which will make your hair stick straight and frizz free, or something called a "smooth-out," which simply takes away the extra frizz at the top (my favorite). Different salons have different names for the different treatments, but definitely ASK- they are not all the same. I highly recommend the smooth-out (a lesser degree treatment where they mist the keratin onto your hair versus the straightening where they drench your hair and iron it in) for fuss-free hair. Unfortunately, I have not had the time to get one in MONTHS, so my hair has been frizzier and harder to style than usual.

Here are some of my new favorites:

1.) Bastiste Dry Shampoo: A VERY old brand, but in my opinion a very good one. I have tried out a LOT of different dry shampoos, cheap, expensive, and in between, and this one continues to be my favorite. Some of the others I have tried have left residue on my hair, have made it appear wet, or just haven't absorbed oil as well. Bastiste gives lots of good volume and really saves me 1-2 days in between washing my hair. Before this discovery, I used to wash my hair every single day, which is currently very inconvenient for me, since I then have to dry and style it. Drying and styling is always a big production (at least for me), not to mention very damaging. 

2.) Alterna Caviar CC Creme: This is the Do it ALL leave in conditioner for your hair. It moisturizes, makes hair smooth and soft, tames frizz, heat protects, and also adds shine. I think there are 10 benefits listed on the bottle, but just these few are enough for me. It really has made a difference in my hair, especially since I haven't had time to get the keratin treatment lately.

3.) Shower cap from Dry Divas: So cute and completely protects my hair on the days I am not washing it. I never used one before this year, and the back of my hair would always wind up wet and frizzy on the days I didn't wash it. Check out: Dry Divas for more info.

4.) Headbands, hair accessories etc: On the days between washings, I always wear a cute hair clip or headband to make my hair look more presentable. I was actually thinking of doing a post on where I purchase my favorites because people always ask me where I buy them. For now, some of my favorite sites include: Forever 21 Hair AccessoriesNordstrom Hair AccessoriesShopbop Hair AccessoriesJennifer Behr Hair Accessories.

Hope this helped!!!! I would love to hear your secrets as please share. Xoxo.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The WRONG side of the OR

       I was able to go to the operating room for a case this week. You may think that that would be a usual occurrence for me since I AM a surgery resident, but it is most certainly not. I can honestly count the times I have been to the OR this year on one hand. Granted, I have rotated through trauma (no scheduled surgeries) and SICU (no surgeries at ALL) for 2/4 months I have completed so far, but nevertheless, I definitely feel deprived of OR time.
      What do I do all day as a surgery resident then? I take care of the patients on the floor, I write orders for medications, round with the attendings, round with social work to discuss patient's discharge plans, call consults, and go to clinic. Plus, I answer the hundreds of pages I receive all day about minutiae. Fun Stuff. Aren't you jealous?
      Anyway, when I got to the OR for my case (a foot debridement), I instinctively went over to the anesthesia side of the room and started putting the monitors on the patient. Until the attending saw me and said "weren't you planning to scrub in?"
      "Oh yeah, I am." I forgot. I play for the other team this year.....and this what it feels like for me on the other side:

I miss anesthesia. How many more months until intern year is over?