Saturday, September 7, 2013

SICU and Fall Favorites

      I am one week into my SICU rotation. The hours are tough- I mean much longer than trauma and minimally invasive surgery, and the atmosphere is intense (which is understandable) all day, every single day. I am literally counting down the days until it is over (and yes, as a future anesthesia resident, I should technically enjoy working with patients on ventilators who are critically ill, but what can I is just not my cup of tea). It makes me kind of sad to be there all day. Anyway, in an effort to cheer myself up since I am off today, I thought I would share some of my favorite things about fall since it is now September.

1.) Starbuck's Carmel Apple Spice drink: This is a new discovery. I have been drinking this a few times a week now (not low in the calorie department, but worth the splurge) and it is so delicious. It tastes like fall in your mouth. I order a tall and skip the whip, but I highly suggest you try it. If you feel guilty, or don't want to splurge, here is a recipe for a much lower calorie version: Lower Calorie Carmel Apple Spice Recipe.

2.) Dunkin Donuts' pumpkin donut: Clearly I like to splurge in the fall, and pumpkin muffins are back. They are so delicious and also remind me of fall, crisp air, and the holidays around the corner. If you want to bake your own low calorie pumpkin muffins (still really good), you can use this recipe: 85 Calorie Whole Wheat Pumpkin Muffins.

3.) Candy Corn!!!! 

4.) Beautiful fall scarves: Etsy is my new favorite place to buy unique, colorful handmade scarves (especially since I a). can't knit myself and b). do not have the time to learn how knit right now). A few of my favorite Etsy shops to buy them: Cherished VintageSwak CoutureFairytale 13.

5.) Apple picking: For the past 4 years, my best friend from med school and I have gone apple/pumpkin picking at a great farm up in Westchester called Wilkens Farm. They have tons of activities, and our favorite part is obviously the bake shop they have there. Every year I have hoarded a few dozen apple cider donuts which I can only describe as a non-drug form of ecstasy. I eat many and freeze the rest to enjoy for the next 1-2 months. They also have apple butter, pumpkin butter, pies, tractor rides, and more. We always have the best time, but since we are both residents now, we are trying to find a day in our schedules so that we can go this year. I will be devastated if we can't coordinate our days off to make the trip. Anyway, check out there website here: Wilkens Fruit and Fir Farm. Definitely worth a trip out of the city....especially because there is gorgeous scenery and changing leaves to see on the trip up there.

6.) The Start of Football Season: Ok, this is actually one of Matt's favorite things about fall, but I would like it to be noted that I have gone with him to games for the past few years as a supportive wife. I even root for his team, the Redskins (he is a DC boy), even though I am a New-Yorker.

7.) Halloween Decorations: How cute are these pumpkins that were displayed in the children's hospital I rotated at last year. I just had to take a picture. Note: Bert is a spaghetti squash! I am SO going to make homemade decorations like that when I have kids/more time to do anything.

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