Monday, September 30, 2013


I don't know about the other interns out there, but since starting my residency in July, I have referred to myself as doctor a grand total of one time. That one time, by the way, was only because I was signing a death certificate (quite the process- requiring ME to get fingerprinted), and the medical examiner asked me directly who he was speaking with. I am speaking with Dr......?" he asked. Usually, in the hospital, we all return pages as "trauma intern," or "general surgery intern," basically whatever service we happen to be on at the moment. The nurses call me Amanda on the floor for the most part. The few times they have referred to me as doctor (and I promise you I am not being paranoid), has been with a mocking tone. Like "patient is post op day one and in rapid a fib, what would you like to do- DOCTOR?" Aka "I know what to do in this situation and you should too instead of looking at me like a lost puppy." I can't really blame them though, some of them have been at this hospital for 30+ years, and every July they are forced to interact with a new group of inexperienced, clueless interns (who do not know even a fraction of what they do), who place orders and make decisions for their patients. I guess if I were them, I would mock the term "doctor" too.

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