Thursday, September 26, 2013

Cronut Update


      Crumbs Bakery (now nationwide, very well-known in nyc, and most importantly easily accessible), famous for their flavored cupcakes (cookies and cream, cookie dough, etc.) has taken the plunge and made a copy cronut. I was very excited to hear this, because there is a Crumbs virtually down the block from my apartment, so I immediately had to buy both of the available flavors to test out. Just for the record, they are calling them "Crumbnuts," and not "Copy-Cronuts." They have one with bavarian cream, and one with powdered sugar on top. They are only $2.95, compared to the $5.00 price at The Dominique Ansel Bakery.
      Unfortunately, and very disappointingly I might add, the "Crumbnuts" were not even a quarter as good as the original cronuts. There was no flakiness, really no distinction from a regular donut in my opinion. They were also a little too doughy for my taste, especially since I have been exposed to the real cronut. Don't get me wrong, I ate them both, as regular donuts are still delicious, but it wasn't really very different than a Dunkin Donut. Maybe if I hadn't been so privileged and was unable to experience the original cronut in the first place (thanks again Matt!), my opinion would be different. So, in conclusion, there is a reason that the original cronut is such a coveted pastry, it is amazingly delicious, and clearly hard to replicate.

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