Friday, August 23, 2013

Murray's Cheese Bar

       Last weekend, I had the pleasure of going to Murray's Cheese Bar down in the village. Clearly, I love cheese. You kind of have to to go to this place. For those of you who are not familiar, Murray's has been a staple of Greenwich Village since 1940. Not only does Murray's offer the best variety of specialty cheeses in Manhattan, it also offers other unique foods like honeycomb candy, nuts, chocolates, and more. The shop also has multiple classes that it offers like "The Harmony of Beer and Cheese," "Cheese 101," and "Mozzarella Making," to name a few. They also have clubs such as the Cheese of the Month Club, The Meat of the month club etc, as well as a Cheez-Email you can sign up for.

      The Cheese Bar was opened in 2012, right next door to the shop, and offers only what I can describe as a very unique variety of cheeses or cheese related dishes for brunch, lunch, and dinner. They even offer a "flight of cheese," instead of a "flight of wine." We went for dinner, and as an appetizer we ordered the Buffalo Cheese Curds. My eyes immediately focused on the description as soon as I saw the menu, but the people I was with thought that they sounded weird. I am so happy I went with my gut though, because they were amazing. They are only what I can describe as the love child of a buffalo wing and mozzarella. They even came with the celery and blue cheese dressing to dip. We also ordered the Queso Fundido which as they describe on the menu is " Mexico's answer to fondue," aka three types of goat cheeses melted with chorizo, tomato, jalapeƱo, and tortilla chips. Delicious. I made sure we scraped up every last drop. That is how good it was.

      The grand finale, otherwise known as the main course, was grilled cheese with bacon and tomato soup. On the menu it is called "The Melt." I do not know what was in that grilled cheese, because they do not say what kind of cheese they used on the menu, but it was perhaps the most delicious grilled cheese I have ever experienced, and not just because I typically make myself "diet" grilled cheeses with light bread and fat free cheese at home. The cheese was perfectly melted, the bread thick, and the bacon crisp. The only part of the meal I didn't love, was the tomato soup. The soup wasn't bad, but it was nothing to rave about. We did not have any room left for the cheesy desserts offered, which was sad, but the one I had my eye on was the grilled bread cheese with dulce de lechwe and rosemary. Oh we'll, there is always next time.

      In conclusion, I am happy that there is a restaurant in NYC that understands the importance of cheese in the way that I do. So, if you want a place that validates your love for cheese, and provides a cute, cozy atmosphere, I definitely recommend you check it out. Just make sure to exercise and stick to a low-fat diet for at least a week after to help your arteries recover.

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