Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Trauma Surgery

      I must keep repeating that to myself because otherwise I will keep thinking that it is a joke. I am starting my intern year on trauma surgery. At the city hospital that the residents in my program rotate at.  In an area of NYC where people apparently love to shoot and stab each other in the month of July. Why July you ask? Don't worry, I asked that very question today. The answer is actually very simple. People shoot each other more in July because of the good weather. Personally, I can think of so many other things to do in good weather. Trauma surgery. They gave the anesthesia prelim trauma surgery to start? Does that seem reasonable to you? Am I being crazy? I wish I could review what I know for this rotation, but I never rotated through trauma in the first  place. They didn't have trauma surgery at the hospital where I did my third year surgery rotation. HELP!
     By the way, surgery bootcamp was not too bad. It was actually kind of fun. We learned to put a foley in a hot dog, an IV in a fake arm, and an NG tube down a mannequin. It was fun meeting the other interns, and it was especially good to know that they do not feel much more confident than me. It was also comforting to learn that I am not way behind with regard to my surgical skills like I thought I would be (not that I have any skills, but most of the other interns don't either). Trauma surgery-so much for easing into my surgery year. Should be interesting! 

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