Monday, June 24, 2013

Surgery Intern Boot Camp

      Sorry about the posting delay. I have been trying to savor my last few days of vacation until I become a "real person." I put "real person" in quotes because I am not entirely sure that residents in general, or surgery residents in particular, can be classified in that manner. As a medical student, I always thought of a resident as a super human alien hybrid that possessed limitless amounts of knowledge and could exist on less than 5 hours of sleep a night. I do not know how to be one of those people. Will it happen over time?
      Today was the house staff orientation for the hospital I am working at. It consisted of a lot of speeches, a mask fit test (to make sure we will be protected from tuberculosis if we encounter a patient with it), ID pictures, and videos on infection control. Residents from every department had to attend, so it was pretty much a mad house. Tomorrow was supposed to be orientation for the surgery department. I was ready for a repeat of today. Lots of speeches by surgeons and lots of paperwork. I was comfortable with the thought. However, at approximately 3:21 this afternoon, we all received an email that our surgery orientation scheduled for tomorrow has been changed to "Surgery Intern Boot Camp."
      I am not a big exerciser, which is very unfortunate. In fact, I didn't exercise during my first 3 years of medical school. I admire the people who make it a part of their daily lives, as routine as "brushing their teeth." With me, it always becomes such a big production. I get home from my rotation, have a snack, then proceed to spend the next few hours avoiding/dreading the gym. When I finally get up the stamina to go, I stay around 30 minutes. Then I come back, hydrate, shower, and blow dry my hair. By the time I am finished, 30 minutes of exercising has turned into a 3 hour ordeal. Did I mention that the gym is IN MY BUILDING? I really have NO excuse not to go.
      Midway through my surgery rotation 3rd year, however, I had a defining, quite embarrassing, moment in which I decided that exercising would be a MANDATORY part of my life. I was on call with one of the interns one evening. It was midnight, the intern had been paged 911, and we were on the first floor where the ORs were located. The patient was on the 8th floor, so naturally, instead of waiting for the ridiculously slow elevator, the intern started running up the stairs. She was a great doctor who genuinely cared for her patients, so it was understandable that she left me huffing, puffing, and half-alive on the landing of the 5th floor. When I finally composed myself and made it up to the 8th floor, the patient was actually fine, but the intern thought my lack of stamina was extremely funny. "I almost killed my med student," she kept telling everyone. The next week I started walking on a treadmill. WALKING. Easing myself into an exercise routine. My big point is, if I had started one of those crazy bootcamp workout classes after not working out for so long, I would probably have collapsed after 5 minutes.
      I have no idea what "Surgery Bootcamp" actually is, and maybe it would have been better if I was expecting it, but it certainly does not sound like they are easing us in. The last time I actually rotated through surgery was in December of my 3rd year, so it has been quite some time. I would be lying if I said that I was not scared. I hope they are not expecting us to know too much. Anyway, I am optimistic. Or at least, I am storing my fears in the back of my mind. I am hoping it will be a bonding experience, and am definitely looking forward to meeting the other surgery residents. So, here is to an easy day at intern bootcamp. I will let you all know how it goes, but please cross your fingers that I do not fall on my face. Thanks!

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  1. Oh my goodness, the imagery! I really hope they have you running stairs and doing chest compression drills! It would make for an excellent post.
    Though I think it's more likely that they're going to simply pack a lot of important info into an afternoon and are using the euphemism of "boot camp" to describe it.
    Good luck regardless!