Wednesday, June 5, 2013


      I am back!!! I had an amazing trip, but honestly I am always SO happy to come home after traveling. I think that everybody has a threshold (the amount of time they can be away before they start to miss their family, friends, home, etc.) for vacation, and once they hit it all they can think about is home. I believe mine is about 7-10 days. That is a good thing, I guess, because I do not know when I will have more than 7 days off in a row for the next 4 years. On another note......everyone warned me that I would go crazy with all of the time off before residency, and that by the time July rolled around I would be bored out of my mind and ready to jump back into the hospital routine. I am sad to report that I am LOVING this time off. I still have about 3 weeks to go before orientation, but I do not feel compelled to work yet. Maybe this will change in 3 weeks? I hope so- because soon I will not have a choice. I think I would actually enjoy a few more months of vacation before I begin. Oh well.
     Anyway, Greece was amazing! It was definitely worth the nine month wait. First, we were told not to spend more than a day in Athens, and that was sage advice. Seeing the ruins and the acropolis was great, but there is nothing else to really do there. The islands, on the other hand, were spectacular. Breathtaking. There is no other way to really describe them. We went to Mykonos first, aka party central, and we stayed at a resort the entire time. We did not engage in the crazy party culture. We also went to Santorini, which was so beautiful, not only because of the views, but because all of the buildings were literally built on a cliff. The sunsets were probably the most dramatic and stunning displays that I will ever see in my entire if they were painted by an artist. Santorini also has a black beach, a red beach, and a white beach, all remnants of multiple volcanic eruptions (the volacono is STILL active), which were really cool and unusual to see.
     The food was delicious- everything was super fresh. Also-in case you were wondering, they do specify "Greek salad" and "Greek yogurt" on the menus there. I kind of figured since we were in Greece it would simply be called "salad," but then I realized that since they did offer different types of salads and yogurts on the menus, they had to be specific to avoid confusion. I still wonder if they call the chocolate in Belgium "Belgium chocolate," or just chocolate. I am pretty sure they do not call the food in China "Chinese food." I will probably have to wait a few years to find out, because I will be remaining in the U.S. for the foreseeable future. Unless any of you know and can help me out?
      The WORST part of vacation is coming home (even though I was ready) and dealing with all of the minor things that I have neglected for the past two weeks. I will be enjoying a fun-filled day of food shopping and other errands. FYI, you will never do as much paperwork in your life as you will after you match at a residency program. On the bright side, there is a seven hour time difference between Greece and the U.S., (Greece is 7 hours ahead), so I was up very early to begin to conquer my long to-do list. I have such great things to post about in the next few weeks, so standby for some new posts soon. I hope your summer is off to a fabulous start.


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