Friday, April 19, 2013

Flat Iron Lounge

       One of my favorite places to go in the city is the Flat Iron Lounge. It is located at 37 West 19th street, between 5th and 6th. It's website defines it as "a true high-end and high-style cocktail lounge, and I have to agree with their description. It gives off a retro, roaring twenties-like vibe (I am beginning to realize that a lot of my favorite places have this in common....hmmm) with very dim lighting and art-deco furniture. The bar is so old-fashioned and beautiful. I imagine it is the type of place that the people from The Great Gatsby went to. They even have soft jazz music playing in the background. It is also the perfect place for a first date. In fact, it is my brother's go-to place for that. I have heard that some people think this is a speak-easy lounge, but it isn't (in my opinion). It definitely isn't like any of the speak easys I have been to in the past. For one, I had no trouble finding it the first time I went, which says something, since I have had difficulty finding every other speak easy I have ever been to. Speak easy's are supposed to be hidden. As in, the entrance to the bar is through a coffee shop hidden. The Flat Iron Lounge is not HIDING. From anybody. In fact, there is a large flag outside of the building that says "Flat Iron Lounge."

       The best part of the Flat Iron Lounge, is the eclectic cocktail menu. The "mixologists" or bartenders can make you any drink off the menu, but they usually add a twist of personalization after they inquire about your tastes and preferences.  Their menu consists of unique drinks like the "No Jacket Required" which is made of aged agricol rum, violette, lemon, don's mix, and peychaud, the "Holy Water," made of plymouth gin, lemon, watermelon syrup, and herbsaint rinse (whatever that is), as well as the "Jalapeno Maragarita." They also have a martini "flight" of the day. Essentially, the menu (which is categorized by type of alcohol "gin," "whisky,""vodka...") has something special for everyone.
      The people who work there are also extremely nice, and the bar snacks they serve are exceptionally delicious.  Once, I even asked one of the waitresses where they buy the snacks, but unfortunately, she said she didn't know. Oh well. One of the only complaints I have about the Flat Iron Lounge, is that it can become overly crowded throughout the night (I have been forced to stand in a corner), particularly on the weekend. This can make it tough to find a place to sit and drink your fancy beverage. Other than that, I highly highly recommend that you stop at the Flat Iron Lounge on your next trip to NYC.

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  1. The MAJOR criteria for a bar to be a speak-easy include:
    1.) Vest-wearing bartenders
    2.) Hidden Entrance

    The MINOR criteria for a bar to be a speak-easy include:
    1.) Douchy/retro drink names
    2.) Raw egg is a common ingredient in drinks
    3.) Spray bottles with mysterious contents are regularly used
    4.) Ice has to be broken up by hand to insure you get a fecal-oral infection from a bartender that claims that bartenders never washed their hands in the 20s
    5.) Delishus, salty snackums must be available to make you thirsty

    Flat Iron Lounge meets one major and all minor criteria. As such, it most definitely is a speak-easy