Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Match

      The match is this week. As in I find out in about 36 hours WHETHER or not I matched. So that is Monday. If, by chance, I did not match anywhere, or need to find a prelim year, I will be able to view where the unmatched spots in the country are and try to grab one of them in a hurry. That would be an absolute nightmare. HOWEVER......if I DO match, the lovely people at the NRMP (National Residency Matching Program) will tell me that. You have matched. That is all. They send an email to all of the medical students participating with the subject line: Did you match? If we DO match, they will not let us know WHERE until Friday. I cannot even fathom WHY they do this to us, except to extend the torture they inflict upon us poor medical students for a few days more. It probably makes them happy somehow. Perhaps it is payback for the fact that THEY (physicians who likely trained 20 years ago) at the NRMP had to suffer 120 hour work weeks that are now banned for those of us about the enter the medical profession (max for us is a measly 80 hours) and they feel that it is unfair that we do not have to put in the same amount of time as they did. Anyway, all of the calmness and lack of worrying I experienced during the entire interview season has somehow managed to take a cosmic turn and I am now experiencing waves of unrelenting panic. The next time you hear from me (unless I find time to post my new recipe in the next few days) I will let you how the week played out. I hope I have good news. I hope all of my friends also receive good news. Please cross your fingers for me.

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