Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Best Kept Secret in Fashion

     After I was of questioned by a number of different people about where I bought the dress I wore on match night, I decided to let you all in on a little secret. Anyone who knows me knows that I love to shop (online shopping has been a dangerous discovery for me, only rivaling the day I became aware that they sold chocolate candy with peanut butter on the INSIDE) but also knows that I will be starting my first real paying job ever in about 3 months. So, for the moment, I have to think twice before blowing all of my money on one designer item. Therefore, my favorite thing to do is to shop around and get the item I want for the cheapest price that I can. My favorite way to do this is to utilize the website pools the inventory of specific designers from multiple websites and department stores (they do not all carry the same clothing from the same brand), and lets you "follow" your favorite designers. This allows you to view the widest selection of clothing, bags, shoes, etc., and see what kind of styles will be popular for the next season. My favorite feature of the site, however, is the "lyst," where I am able to select a specific piece of clothing from a designer's selection and have the website watch the item for me. When that item goes on sale, I get an email from telling me where the item is on sale and for how much. This way, I do not have to spend hours constantly searching to see if the dress I love has been marked down yet.
      Another great feature of is that it introduces me to websites I never would have discovered otherwise. For example, my go-to shopping websites are,, and other bigger department store sites. However, since lyst keeps track of the item and searches the inventory of many smaller, unknown websites that tend to have great sales as well, I have been able to expand my shopping horizons (this thrills Matt to no end). In my experience, if you can wait for the item you have your eye on (you have no pressing event to wear it to) it will eventually go on sale. Whether you will be able to find the sale item in the size and color you want is another issue altogether. It is important to be strategic when faced with the conundrum of whether to purchase the item at full price, or to wait for the sale and deal with whatever sizes/colors are left. When I come up with a mathematical solution for that dilemma, I will be sure to let you know. Happy shopping!!!

The dress is by Theory and was originally $400, but I got it for $130 from after my alert.

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