Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Amateur Transplants

      I am done with all of my interviews!!! I cannot tell you how relieved I am that I will not have to put that suit on for another 4 years until I am ready for fellowship interviews (hopefully it still fits by then). I have been listening to people's advice along the "interview trail" as they call it, and I have heard many people say "if you really don't like a program, don't rank it." While I respect the advice of others who have been through this process before, I seriously cannot fathom why people say this. Not ranking a program which you have interviewed at is basically saying that you hated that program SO much, that you would rather risk going unmatched then go to that program. While there are definitely programs I would prefer to go to, I am going to rank all of my programs, because there is no program I hated enough to risk not becoming an anesthesiologist. I will just rank the ones I did not like as much at the bottom of the list. HOWEVER, I really hope I get one of my first 7 choices, and while my biggest concern is matching in general, I will be slightly upset if I drop below there on my rank list. It is like being served a chocolate blackout cake when you prefer vanilla on vanilla.......still delicious (you matched!) but you still prefer the other flavor.
      Anyway, if you know me you would know that I am obsessed with a singing group called the Amateur Transplants. They are a group of British doctors, who met in med school, who perform all sorts of hysterical medical parodies. They perform non-medical parody's as well, but you really have to have a certain sick sense of humor to appreciate them (which I do). One of the doctors is an anesthesiologist (or anesthetist as they call them in Britain), the other an obgyn. Here are some of my favorite (medical) videos of them. If you are anything like me, you will find yourself typing their names into youtube and spending the rest of the afternoon watching their videos.

(The Anesthetist's Hymn)

(The Drug Song)

(Final's Countdown)

(The Careless Surgeon)

These are some of my favorite's. Obviously, you will enjoy these particular videos more if you are in medical school or in the medical profession. I am obsessed!