Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Bathtub Gin NYC

     Last weekend, Matt, my friends, and I decided to try a new restaurant that I had heard about online. The restaurant is called Bathtub Gin, and it is located in Chelsea, but if you go there be prepared to get lost. In fact, I am really happy that our friends arrived there first and were able to figure things out, because Matt and I wandered up and down the block looking for the place for awhile. Who knows how long we would have been out there had we not received a text saying that we should come in through the coffee shop. As it turns out, Bathtub Gin is a speakeasy and I didn't even know it. Eventually, I did see a picture of the logo (a woman in a bathtub) under the sign for the coffee shop. It definitely did not jump out at you though.
      Anyway, when we finally got in, meaning the hostess in the coffee shop slid open a secretive back panel, it lead to a dimly lit restaurant which was decorated in a 1920's prohibition theme. We walked past the old-fashioned bar, and were seated at a table in the back next to a huge old-fashioned bathtub. It was so cute! The drinks were also great, fancy and made with syrups and fresh squeezed fruit juice, which went along with the 20's theme and decor. The bar area was so crowded we could barely walk through on the way in, but there was some breathing room in the back. Anyway, the food was also good even though the menu is not extensive. The food is of the tapas sharing variety and we ordered kobe beef sliders, eggplant flatbread, braised short rib sliders, and pulled pork tacos. However, the BEST thing we ordered were the s'mores at the end. They brought out a little toaster with a flame and sticks so we could actually roast the marshmallows ourselves (or set our marshmallow on fire, either one).

      By the end of the meal, I couldn't contain myself and asked the waitress if I could get in the tub. I had been eyeing it the entire meal, but didn't want to be presumptuous and get in, I am after all, a civilized human being. She said "people do it all the time, all day everyday, go ahead." So I jumped on in. I can check dancing in a copper bathtub in the middle of a restaurant off of my NYC bucket list. The waitress also informed us that there is a burlesque show there 2x a week on Wednesday's and Sunday's. I will definitely be going back one day to see that. I also missed the bathroom, which apparently had toilets with high tanks and pull chains. Definitely consistent with the theme, and definitely something that I need to go back to see. In summary, Bathtub Gin is a beautiful restaurant, has great food/drinks, and is so much fun. So if you like any of those things, especially fun, it is worth a trip downtown.

(My best friend Ellyn and I in the tub)

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