Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Two Little Red Hens

      Sorry I haven't updated in while. I have been busy with my last few interviews, which unfortunately still stretch until February 8th. Anyway, the interview I had over the weekend reminded me that I may not be in New York next year, and that I should take advantage of all that it has to offer while I am still here. Which brings me to my favorite topic......food. Dessert in particular. If you know me, you know I have an obsession with cupcakes. The first thing I did when I moved to NYC after college was to go on a cupcake tour of NYC, so I could decide which cupcake place was my favorite. I found that it didn't work that way, even though I went to every single famous, big name bakery. You cannot always go out and look for these things in order to make a decision, sometimes things have to unfold naturally. As it happens, I actually ended up finding my favorite NYC bakery in what I like to call a moment of serendipity.
      A few years ago, I was leaving my mcat tutor on a very hot summer day, and was desperate for an iced coffee. I looked up the nearest Starbucks on my phone, and walked 5 blocks out of my way toward the Starbucks, but I stopped when I saw people walk out of an adorable bakery with coffee cups in hand. The bakery was called Two Little Red Hens, and I felt compelled to go in. It was tiny, but the decor was quaint and inviting. I left that day with my iced coffee, as well as 2 mini vanilla on vanilla cupcakes (my favorite). I couldn't even wait until I got back to my apartment to stuff them down my throat. I remember telling my best friend (when I called her solely to report my new find) "I found a new cupcake place, and the cupcake I tried was nothing short of amazing."

     Since then, Two Little Red Hens has become my go-to bakery in the city. This says a lot, because it is not remotely convenient to get to from where I live. It is located on 2nd avenue, between 85th and 86th streets, and I believe it to be the best bakery in the world. Not only is their cake scrumptious, but their frosting is light, airy, and amazing. The cupcakes are the perfect size, with the perfect amount of frosting, and the perfect texture. They also have a huge selection, with cupcake flavors like brooklyn blackout, red velvet, banana peanut butter, pumpkin spice, boston cream, key lime, carrot, chocolate peanut butter, and more.

      The other distinct feature of this bakery, is the beauty of all of their baked goods. They make THE most stunning cakes. Seriously, the flowers, and other designs are works of art. They have a selection of large cakes, medium sized cakes, and tiny, personal cakes that are perfect for birthdays. I love to bring my friends the tiny cakes on their birthdays. It is a small gesture, but it makes everyone so happy. I had a huge cake made for my mother's surprise party last year, and everyone was dying to know where the cake was from, because they were in awe that something so beautiful could also be so delicious.
      They also have cheesecakes, muffins, cookies, and many other things that I honestly have not tried because I cannot bring myself to go in there and not order traditional cake in some form. If you love cake or cupcakes, you should definitely try this bakery. You will thank me :) BTW.....here is the bakery's NY Magazine profile http://nymag.com/listings/stores/two_little_red_hens02/.

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