Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Best Ice Cream Flavor Ever

 I just felt the need to share my new discovery......which is the best ice cream ever. This is the first time I have bought the brand SoCo ice cream but it is ridiculously delicious. The flavor variety they have is very unique. I just finished eating the Espresso Cookie flavor. It was like my 2 favorite flavors of ice cream got married and had an amazing hybrid baby. They are VERY generous with the cookie, which I think is very important in an ice cream. I ordered mine from FreshDirect and will definitely be buying it again. YUM! Everyone should try it if they love delicious ice cream. It is not exactly low calorie or healthy in any way, but if you want a treat I definitely recommend it.

Here's where you can get it on Fresh Direct SoCo Creamery Ultra Premium Ice Cream, Espresso Cookie

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