Sunday, January 13, 2013

How to Put on Eyeliner So It Won't Smudge

      For the past 2 years, the makeup I put on every morning, IF I put on makeup at all has really depended on the rotation I am on, what time I have to be there in the morning, if I am in the OR or not, and what time I am able to leave at the end of the day. The one thing that I have consistently NOT been putting on during the week, even if I do manage to put makeup on in the morning, regardless of the rotation I am on, is eyeliner. I did try to wear it for a few days of my pediatrics rotation (a no-scrubs professional dress rotation), but I always ended up looking like a raccoon by the end of the day (and scaring little kids was not going to help my grade) even if it was waterproof. So, I accepted that eyeliner would not be part of my daily routine, and only wore it on weekends if I were going somewhere for a short time, so there would be no time to smudge.
        Fortunately, I read an article in a magazine a few months ago that has really helped with this situation, which is great because I am able to wear eyeliner on all of my residency interviews. The answer was actually so simple that I feel kind of stupid now. Anyway, I thought that I would share my new trick in case anyone is as slow as me at picking these things up.

1 waterproof eyeliner pencil (my favorite is by Chanel-because although it does smudge a little on its own, it still smudges less than other brands I have tried)
1 eyeliner brush with an angle at the end (like the one by Smashbox)
Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner pot

1.) Line your upper and lower eyelids with your favorite waterproof eyeliner pencil, making the lines as straight and precise as you can.
2.) Wet the end of the eyeliner brush very slightly and then dip it in the gel and coat the brush on both sides.
3.) Glide the brush over the lines that you already made with your pencil (if you have trouble going over the top eyelid, liquid eyeliner will work on the top).
4.) Enjoy wearing your eyeliner ALL day long without scaring little children.

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