Sunday, January 6, 2013

Healthy Eating BFF

If I could name a best friend that has helped me the most when it comes to healthy eating, it would be my food scale. Personally, I have no idea what a serving of something looks like (the first time I measured out a single serving of cereal I was in shock at how small the serving was), and have you ever tried to use measuring cups? I am always unsure of whether it should be tightly or loosely packed, level or overflowing. Anyway, a food scale makes everything super simple. I have a very basic digital scale that I got at Target a few years ago by Taylor. It can weigh things in either grams or ounces. It still works perfectly (I am pretty sure that I have never even changed the batteries) and it takes all of the guesswork out of trying to imagine what single size portion looks like.

For example, I just made myself a bowl of pink grapefruit, and instead of topping it with a heaping tablespoon of honey, I just put the bowl on the scale and measured out 21 grams. IF I had been left to my own devices, I would have doused that poor grapefruit in honey, taking a healthy, low calorie snack, and turning it into a high calorie disaster disguised as a low calorie snack. I believe there is nothing worse than that. I mean, when I eat a cupcake, I KNOW I am eating something unhealthy (but delicious) and high calorie, but fooling myself into thinking that I am eating something good and finding out it is a dieting disaster pretty much sucks. It is like taking a test- if you have a feeling you did poorly that is one thing, but finding out you didn't do well when you think that you did is quite another.......the surprise factor makes the truth so much worse. Anyway that is just my two cents.

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