Thursday, January 31, 2013

Product Review: Living Proof Prime Style Extender

      I have been going to the same hairstylist for years now, and her number one criticism of me has always been "you wash your hair too much." I could never help it, I just love the look and feel of freshly washed and styled hair.  My hair, however, did not love it as much, because as my stylist stressed, washing it too much dries it out and styling it too much causes split ends which, of course, defeats the purpose of my whole "fresh, shiny, clean" theory in the first place. I also believed my hair would look and feel greasy and dirty if I did not wash it every single day, to which my she replied "it's all in your head, you have wavy hair, not fine greasy hair that has to be washed daily." So, for the past year I half- negotiated, half- relented, and have been washing my hair every other day. I have managed to get through the no wash days by using copious amounts of dry shampoo, my OLD BFF. I say OLD because, I have recently found a NEW product that has made not washing my hair a pleasure, mostly because I am not constantly obsessing about how dirty it must look. This product is a dirt repeller, is light, greasless, and actually holds the style for at least an extra day. Using this product + dry shampoo has even allowed me to go the odd 2 days without washing, which is definitely convenient because it has enabled me to channel my time into more productive pursuits instead of into blow drying it every night. For example, catching up on certain TV shows. Anyway, if you are looking for a product that decreases frizz and makes your life easier and your hair more beautiful you should definitely try Living Proof Style Extender. Jennifer Aniston promotes it.......I don't think I even have to say more.